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The mass distribution sector
The mass distribution sector is subject to many standards and regulations, imposed by the government as well as the distributors.
The distribution of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products demands extreme thoroughness at every step of the logistics chain in order to ensure the quality of the warehouse activity.
Warehouse management is a strategic issue for 3PLs, who aim to deliver the most efficient service to their customers.
Hospital logistics
Medical logistics is a complex activity: it must manage extremely diverse product flows and distribution circuits, and a wide range of conditioning requirements. It must also comply with strict safety and traceability regulations.
Cold chain
For all players in the sector (fruits, vegetables, meat products, fish...)

e-Commerce involves a broad spectrum of logistics constraints and may concern many different sectors of activity.

Office supplies

This profession deals with a specific order type. It primarily involves piece-picking for small orders to be shipped in small parcels or even envelopes, which must be delivered "on the desk".


The logistics challenges for clothing involves dealing with a wide variety of distribution channels: hypermarkets, department stores, integrated retail outlets or franchises, e-commerce ... This means there is great pressure on prices and delivery times, with an extremely large number of orders for increasingly diverse purposes (initial stock, re-supply, sales, etc.)

Spare parts

Responsiveness is the crucial requirement in spare parts logistics, particularly in the automotive sector. In order to fulfil increasingly short delivery times and optimise transport costs ...

Recreation and cultural products

In logistics terms, the management of books and similar entertainment products involves two main phases in the product's life: the launch (which corresponds to the preparation of large quantities) and the re-supply (which involves smaller quantities).


In terms of logistics, cosmetic products have specific requirements which demand expert solutions.

Industrial supplies

Professionals in the hardware supplies or industrial supplies sectors face three main logistics issues