Savoye offers end-to-end and modular solutions, tailored precisely to the requirements of food e-commerce order preparation: with ever more proximity, responsiveness, and options available to the consumer.

Whether they are used to equip supermarket stores, main and satellite drive-throughs or even urban micro-fulfillment centers, our solutions provide the desired level of compactness and can be introduced in small areas from 500 to 1500m².



Higher Turnover




An increase in sales with the same space

Minimization of preparation timeAn increase in the possible number of deliveries per time slotRapid return on investment


Our solutions allow some or all processes to be automated, depending on the situation and operational requirements, including managing the entire range of items (fast-moving, fresh, dry, frozen)

Goods-to-person preparation, combining high performance ergonomic picking stations with an automated product storage system, allowing time spent moving by operators to be eliminatedBuffering of finalized orders and sequenced consolidation at the time of collection, resulting in very short waiting times and flexible collection schedulesA combination of 2 processes, where the system stores both the products to be picked and the orders prepared


Whatever the solution, the storage system facilitates simultaneous operations in 3 temperature zones (ambient, refrigerated, freezing) on the basis of various possible configurations.

Dedicated storage aisles for each temperature zone

Compartmentalized dual-zone aisles



Based on our shuttle system, which has been widely tried and tested in very large distribution centers, our solutions benefit from all the depth and flexibility of this technology:


  • Double-deep and triple-deep storage
  • Dimensions of stored containers up to 820x620mm
  • Variable height of storage levels
  • Flex shuttle for storing containers with variable dimensions
  • Freezer shuttle down to -28°C

Savoye solutions can be connected directly to all kinds of collection and delivery modes:

Drive-through with the automatic provision of collection terminals

Home delivery: vans, bicycles

In-store collection

Automated lockers: Savoye has developed its own compact and easy-to-install system, along the same lines as automated vending machines









optimization of the available spaceHigh system availability
High performance standard modules