Engineering Consulting

Savoye supports our clients to identify and plan and implement logistical flow optimizations spanning from pre-study analysis, design phase analysis to optimization of a live facility.

Consulting at all stages of the project

SAVOYE has the expertise to support the full lifecycle of your facility and automated systems; From design planning, implementation, start-up, optimization, scaling, as well as long term support. Our role is to bring technical expertise to all stages of your system lifecycle.

Our knowledge spans across many industy verticals and applying the latest technologies.  We have expertise in the latest high-performance modeling and flow analysis tools to provide our clients with the best solutions.

We are experienced and ready to help in all phases of operations and strategic planning:



At this stage, we work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and develops a plan to optimize your system. This while keeping in mind any prerequisites or hypotheses. Our teams remain engaged throughout the project to ensure continuity and analysis of flows to ensure the desired outcome is achieved


Designing solutions

Analysis of customer business data

(item base, order book)

Reference slotting analysis

and pre-packing of orders

Recommendations according to target ROI

and business growth scenarios

Modeling flow scenarios

and procedures by combining manual, automated and robotic processes

Analysis of equipment,

definition of operating rules and the operational teams required

Simulation of proposed solutions

to analyse the behavior and adjust models for optimal results


Coordinating the project 

When our client have resource constraints during project implementation, we are available to assist at all levels. 
  • Configuring and initiating picking installation, warehouse dimensioning, basic item configuration, etc..
  • Material handling equipment commissioning
We guarantee the start up schedule and costs based on the project commitments



Ergonomic workstations 

Workstation designs

 which promote healthy stance and posture to reduce strain and reach


long term effects or repetative motions 

Combined benefits

in terms of safety, quality, and task efficiency


Start-up support 

During project start-up, we provide continuous support for operations to:

Ensure proper balancing of workloads considering time and space

Avoid saturation and gridlock scenarios

Provide continuous quality and optimization improvments

Improve quality and therefore always optimise productivity


During this phase we support the ramp-up to ensure that SAVOYE's commitments are met. We create and track relevant operational indicators, adjust levers to optimize the installation, and providing hand on support for operations.


Continuous improvement

A distribution center is an environment of continuous change and improvement: new constraints, moving flows, seasonality, new technologies. Our teams mission is to continuously improve the site's efficiency.

We will interven when issues are identified to provide root cause analysis and audits with a comprehensive approach using proven techniques and tools. We evaluate the impact of modifications, calculate and simulate other possible alternatives.

Our mission is to make the system and operations efficient and stable.


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