Distribution of pharmaceutical products and parapharmaceuticals requires extreme attention to detail at each stage of the logistic chain, in order to guarantee the quality of the activity. The pharmaceutical industry is confronted with many challenges, including the fact that fighting counterfeiting is crucial, which adds to the importance of European standards.

As for the products, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products create a lot of constraints for a logistic platform: they often have expiry dates and can be subject to batch recalls.
Certain controlled-temperature products require specific storage and transport.

For all these reasons, laboratories as well as distributors need a 100% reliable system and completely traceable logistic flows, including for the associated events.

This requirement does not mean we can forget about the productivity necessary for any platform.

It's a question of proposing solutions that make sure not to overload the work, while limiting operator entries as much as possible..


Logistical challenges  


Quality: Absolutely no errors

Flexibility : deadline pressure 

Organisation : securing productsCost: pressure on margins


Our answer 

Our answers to pharmaceutical logistic problems are addressed at all players in the sector : producers, wholesalers, distributors, hospital centers.

Would you like to know more about SAVOYE logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry? Consult our document "Pharmaceutical sector: challenges and logistics solutions".







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Goods to Person system, X- PTS

INTELIS smart conveyor

Pallet preparation system

Pick and Pack solution

Pick then Pack solution

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PAC 600, P14 and Jivaro packing machines


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