Recreation and cultural products

At a logistic level, the world of books and cultural products is characterised by managing two important phases in the lives of products: launch, which entails preparing large quantities, then a resupply mechanism, which involves smaller quantities.

SAVOYE solutions are capable of processing two types of different flows, all while responding to overall productivity, quality and stock management objectives.


Logistics challenges

Processing a very high weekly flow : large number of customers for a small number of SKUs

Managing a very large number of references in resupply 

Managing a large number of returns with systematic product quality control


Our answers

Our solutions bring you answers at very concrete levels. 


Goods to Person system, X-PTS

INTELIS smart conveyor

Pallet preparation system

Pick and Pack solution

Pick then Pack solution

Picking tools

Sorting systems





PAC 600, P14 and Jivaro packing machines


Our customers