Spare parts

Responsiveness is crucial in spare parts logistics, particularly for cars. To fulfil increasingly short deadlines and late cut-offs, and optimise their transport costs, supply chain managers must implement a perfectly oiled mechanism, to be able to deal directly with preparing several thousands of orders in just a few hours.

These “tight flow” logistics are set apart by their ever-growing number of references and the great diversity of its items and orders, particularly with multiple out-sized products. Managing returns is an integral part of the trade, as are the highly diverse frequencies with which references are rotated.


Logistical challenges

A large item reference base as well as a great diversity of references

Diversity of orders, going from unit to pallet 

Deliveries multiple times a day and urgent orders

Need for traceability and tracking serial numbers 


Our answer

Our solutions are quick to operate and favour preparation quality, as they contain a range of associated functionalities and tools.




Our solutions

Goods to Person system, X-PTS

INTELIS smart conveyor

Pick and Pack solution

Pick then Pack solution

Picking tools





PAC 600, P14 and Jivaro packing machines


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