TMS (Transport Management System)

While the supply chain is undergoing a digitisation process from start to finish, transport remains one of the only elements that is not fully digitised, even though it is a station that is increasingly important for loaders. In fact, it represents a significant part of the logistics cost, and this is steadily increasing. The environmental requirements of road transport and customers who are increasingly concerned about visibility also need to be taken into account.


Available in SaaS or license mode, our Transport Management solution, LM TMS, is a complete solution for managing a loader's transport activity.

It will enable the loader to achieve significant savings on its transport budget while optimising its transportation and chartering operations. 



Main features

Optimisation / grouping

carrier selection

Transport labels

Chartering and scheduling

Track & Trace

Real-time monitoring and dashboards

Financial management

Transport business intelligence

Simulation and tarif comparison

Pre-invoicing, billing control


Traditionally processed manually, the verification of transport invoices demands considerable processing time and is a source of error, representing a significant financial loss for the company. As soon as they are deployed, the pre-invoicing and invoicing verification features on LM TMS will allow you to achieve an extremely fast ROI (3% savings on the transport budget observed on average by our customers in only 3 months).

Our LM TMS solution will also allow you to group your transport orders together to ensure that lorries are filled optimally and achieve optimal carrier allocations, thus lowering the cost of transport. You will also save time on the management of your transport files, which will be automated. Finally, the implementation of a TMS tool will allow you to significantly improve the quality of your transport and increase your customer satisfaction. 

In order to offer your customers a better quality of service, a real-time follow-up of your operations through a KPI module will give you better visibility and traceability of your orders. 

What are the benefits?





Up to 10% savings on your transport budgetImproved customer service rateTracking operations and managing alerts: 30% less calls made to the call centre